About VIPPY: Subscription & Costs

Vippy is not free to run. Find out all about what vippy will cost you, here.
The first month is free of charge! Try out vippy out and see if you think it is worth your isk!


A subscription for Vippy is roughly 10 milion ISK per (active) user, per month.
  • Vippy counts users, not characters!
  • Total fee is rounded to the nearest 50 milion.
  • The maximum fee is 500m per month. If your group exceeds that, it will be reduced to 500m.
  • If you have 4 or less active users, your fee will be 0.
At the end of each month, your fee will be calculated based on the amount of active users of the current month. A user is considered active, when he/she has used Vippy within the last 30 days.
If you are an admin, you can see your current balance, subscription(s), payments, active user count, etc on your access control group page.

Where do I transfer the ISK to?

Transfer the money to the ingame character Bloemkoolsaus. Put the keyword "vippy" in the transaction description to make sure Vippy's automated tracker picks up on your payment.
You can transfer either directly from your corp wallet or from a character wallet. If you transfer from a character wallet, make sure that character is in your corp which is registered on Vippy, so the tracker can assign it to your balance!

Why do you ask an ISK subscription

Vippy requires servers to run on and servers are not free. The subscription help me cover the cost of running the servers.

What happens if I forget to pay

Vippy will calculate your current balance, if it goes negative you might lose access!
However, it is not super strict and Vippy will start giving you warnings long before you lose access.

Can I pay in advance

Yes! Vippy imports all payments via the eve api's, and will add any extra isk to your balance.

Can I donate RL money

I would rather stay away from any RL money transactions as possible. Technically donations are (currently) allowed by the EVE EULA, but, i'd rather not get involved in anything even remotely connected to RMT.
If you really want to donate me money, use ingame currency instead :)

Vippy did not register my payment

Because of the API and cache timers, it may take up to 2 hours for Vippy to detect your payment. If it takes longer then that, please contact Bloemkoolsaus either ingame or through eve-mail.