About VIPPY: Features

VIPPY is the most comprehensive and powerfull wormhole space mappers around. Here is a (very brief) overview of VIPPY's most important features.

A detailed map of the current chain

Have the all information you need available immediatly!
VIPPY gives you improved situational awareness, providing all information you that need at first glance!
  • System type and name
  • System static(s)
  • Connection status
  • Wormhole effect
  • Mark known systems
    • Who lives there, for exemple
  • Mark drifter battleship presence
  • If k-space, distance to nearest tradehub
    • or other system of interest you set
  • Character & Fleet tracking:
    • See who is in the chain, and where
    • Automatically add systems while you jump
  • Broadcast rally points
  • And much, much more

Mouse over for detailed intel on a solarsystem

Detailed information about a wspace system.
Detailed information about a kspace system.

Jump Log

Detailed information and jump log about a wormhole. This provides you with invaluable information when for exemple you're trying to roll a used wormhole.

Exit Finder

Quickly find the closest entrance or exit from a certain kspace system!

CREST support for fleet tracking

Aside from character location tracking, VIPPY also supports fleet tracking. This allows VIPPY to track all characters that are currently in fleet but which do not have an active CREST token!
Think about all those alt characters, or those special snowflakes that refuse to register themselves for your mapper.